Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Train Up a Child. . .

It dawned on me that a blog isn't really a good blog unless the siad blogger posts often.
the holiday weekend really messed up my grove!
Having a family, teaching duties, my workout regimen and my portion of the house chores takes time as well. To top this off my wife and I have been debating what to to for our youngest daughters birthday party that we were planning for after the school year started.
we asked her what she wanted to do before her birthday for the anticipated day, and as luck would have it, and what a five-soon-to-be-six year old would answer:  "I don't know"

Luck would have it that she said "I want to go to crown center"  This took care of lunch but not the party. 
A week or two later I discussed this incident with my Sensei and he suggested "Why not a Karate birthday party?'  I thought "I love it. . .  but he must want me to die.... try explaining this to my wife.."
I eventually did because we were out of ideas and still getting the same reaction from Jenna.

Fortunately, both girls loved it so it was planned.
It was a great party, and all the kids had fun.  Sensei used me as a demonstrator with him and all the kids got to kick boards and learn some basic moves.

Dad and Jenna: we were trying to tickle each other to make the other laugh!

Something that I thought of during that time of the party, as my daughter was in a new karate uniform was "Does she want to do this?  Have I suggested this to her in a forceful way?" 
I could answer no to both questions.  I do want my daughters to learn karate for the obvious reasons:

  • Discipline
  • Exercise
  • Self defense
  • Mental focus

But more importantly it is not the destination of a "black belt" but the journey and what they become on the way.  I intend on suggesting it for a mandatory period of time for my above goals, but I also want them to be their own person, not some vicarious copy of dad.
It occurred to me that the verse of scripture in Proverbs 22:6 applies the same here.  A child should be trained by word and example.  Hopefully I can put the right stuff in their heads and then the rest is up to them!
What are your thoughts on training up a child using the martial arts?

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