Friday, September 21, 2012

Pride and Presumption

It dawned on my while writing the last post that pride and presumption go together in a few ways.  While pride can manifest itself in a good or a bad way, usually the bad connotation is seen more.  Presumption is either looked at as a legal term or, of taking for granted something we shouldn’t.
Presumption also goes beyond the bounds of what a person should and should not do to the point where they impose on another person. While humility can be gracious, presumption cannot. For that matter it doesn’t even notice it has done wrong, but only sees itself,  at best as a minor inconvenience, and at worst as his or her lawful right to continue in the offense.
What really brought this idea to a head was a meeting I was involved in, in which I realized that the same ideas apply in  a fight as in a meeting as in the Christian walk and life.

The solutions to our problems have been stated over and over again for the past several years by employees in meetings, but management won‘t listen.  That made me think of when we would go out in door to door evangelism and try to get people to come to church, and eventually Christ.  The problems people had could be answered, but they would not listen to words of wisdom, and words and fighting were futile!

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An angry person you encounter at a restaurant or gas station  at night who may be drunk will also not respond to words and wisdom.  This is the way of presumption, and it seems at times to remain quiet and remember our own sense of purpose. A presumptions person exhibits qualities of both the fool and the drunk . . . In fact, sometimes  they are one in the same!

I have also seen the same behaviors with martial artists, clergy and church members.  Any behavior that would be severely punished in a child is not in a senior member, black belt or corporate representative.  It amazes me that the simple things in life are often overlooked, which also seem to be keys to happiness as well. Presumption does not listen and the best defense, usually is silence!

Have you ever had a problem with a presumptions person and how did you handle it? If so, please share in the comments section.

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