Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I’ve sat in a many church services where the preacher preached on the sin of Pride. 
I believe there is much to be gleaned practically of this subject in churches, dojos and even business.

Pride can be both Positive and negative.

The Negative sides of pride would be examples of the following:
  • Pride will not admit shortcomings
  • Pride does not ask for help
  • Pride takes all of the credit for a job
  • Pride will not acknowledge their team mates
  • Pride points out others failures
  • Pride is loud and calls attention to his/her works
Communism: bad pride. . .

Businesses want team players to accomplish the mission.  The mission of a church is to preach Jesus, save souls and make disciples.  A dojo is training martial artists physical arts for both physical, mental and psychological development.  Pride has a way of creeping into all of these and doing damage that is not always noticeable.
Someone has to be in charge and is ultimately be responsible for outcome, but negative pride hurts teams, companies, churches and dojos. Eventually, morale and work ethic are influenced as well.  If you don’t believe this, just think of a local church that goes through pastors like some people go through socks!  In the last 12 years I have observed many “studios” that open and then close in about 2 years. 
Is it bad business management or pride . . . or both?
How many stories have we heard in fictional tales, even in the Dilbert comic strips of a manager taking credit for his workers ideas?
I don’t want to hurt the church so I will not go into the amount of religious hypocrites there are in our ranks.  I have been badly hurt by them, but realize at the same time that I cannot be a victim of pride as well.
On the positive side, pride can be a good thing when we channel it for the good of a team or company:

Positive or good Pride is shown in:
  • Pride in craftsmanship: A professional always does a clean, neat, lasting job.
  • Pride in one's team and team members.  The sum of the team's work is what makes a product: Testimonials are just as important in church as in a business!
  • Pride in ones self.  What we believe is reflected in our character.  A person can lie and “act” but actions always speak louder than words!

Pride can be tied in with self esteem.  How do we think of ourselves? A persons worth and character is reflected by their actions; even at work.  When I was working as an installer for Sears, I had to represent my company and Sears so I always tried to go the extra mile because it was good business for both my company, Sears, and my paycheck!  As a Christian, I realize that my words and actions in front of my class can affect my testimony.  Sometimes I have to deal with technical subjects or customer service where the conversation can go south quick, either with an area of knowledge I don’t have or a sensitive situation where someone makes a joke.  Pride would get angry or try to shut up the adults.  Trust me this doesn’t work with grown-ups from the inner city . . . nor with good ‘ol country boys as well.  Pride as a martial artist also does not mean flaunting ones knowledge.  It is better to learn always as a beginner than to be puffed up and show off ones “knowledge” . . . or lack thereof.

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