Sunday, September 16, 2012

Article of note

For this particular post I wanted to share a web article from another website.  This article is “Martial arts as a coping tool”  I thought it of great interest, since It mentions Spirituality in the martial arts.
Many times when we hear the word “Spirituality”  it is interpreted to   mean just as it’s name would apply: The persons spirit in reference to a religion.  I hate to define a word with the same word.  It brings back painful Elementary school memories!

Let us Define Spirit and Spirituality

If the word Spirit is defined in and of itself, it is an English rendering from the Vulgate (The first Latin Bible written by St Jerome) that combined at least two terms.  Spirit in and of itself dealt with the life force of a person, or the animating factor of a beings life.  Some of the same words could be, in context the seat of the intellect or another being.  What I will focus on is what made humans live and move! So spirituality, in one sense can be looked at as the activities that motivate and move a person, or work dealing with the seat of our being.  As I stated earlier, the connotation has always been in reference to a religion.

Recently my oldest daughter has started playing the violin.  She is learning under a style called the “Suzuki method”. Shin’ichi Suzuki was a Japanese violinist who was very interested in the development of the whole person through a discipline. It came from his need to learn foreign language and the ensuing frustration that he developed a method of musicianship similar to how children learn their first language.  But, as tends to be the  case with Asian culture (at times) they can be vehemently competitive and exacting (and I like the word Spiritual) in all that they do.
I admire this!

To me, it suggest a part of spirituality in honing the person as one with a task that may be referred to as Zen.  At least at this point, from my research, this is how I understand it.   One commentator on an English translation of a Chinese book stated that ancient Chinese vocabulary could have words so exact in a text to the point of obscurity.

Because of these things, this gave me the thought to share this article because it has worth  and value to express some of the spiritual things that I would like to share as well.  They talk about spirituality from a different point.  I don’t wish to discuss Yoga or meditation at this times, but in keeping with traditions it does make a lot of sense to look at this article. 
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