Hi!  My name is Earl Guillory.  I  want to write about the Martial Arts and Christianity at large.  I often have found a problem with a persons beliefs conflicting their actions or contradicting whatever the Status Quo is at the time.  I have also seen a problem with well meaning people saying that the martial arts are wrong or evil.  Most comments are, it is UN-Christ like to defend ones self or participate in any form of self defense training. This includes even thinking about taking up arms for personal protection.

I have a problem with this.

Not just mentally but logically and spiritually

I am setting off on a quest to discuss the Bible in context, Bible doctrines in practical application and the parallels between Martial Arts philosophy and everyday life.
I intend to do so thoughtfully, respectfully and in a common sense way that people can use.  I even invite the true skeptic to check out what I have to say and consider my words as well.  I want to use the full Bible and not just a few suppositions here and there to make an agenda!

I was an adult educator at a technical college for six years, but now I'm back to being a building engineer, Sunday School teacher and am a second-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.  Most importantly, I am a student of life.  I Come from a mechanical trades background and have always loved things mechanical.  I have a degree in religion from a conservative Pentecostal Bible college and an A.S. in business.  I spent 11 years in the active ministry before I realized I was called to teach and help, not to pastor a church.  Lately I have felt the urge to write and blog, because I would love to have everyone stop and think contextually.

I have a wife and two wonderful daughters (Hannah, 10 and Jenna 8) who have a choke hold on my heart. 

When I was 14 I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women.  I’m 47 now and have my wish . . . Although this is not how I pictured it!

Feel free to leave comments and share my Blog with others.  I will be posting weekly and want to hear from people that have had like problems with reconciling Christianity with the Martial Arts.

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