Monday, September 24, 2012

Another look at Humility 1

When I wrote my articles on humility I had a greater plan in mind.  That was something that I have been doing in Sunday school with the word “Humility” as well as with the word “Judgment”.  My simple idea is to really dig out the meanings and entomology of these words.
Too often we as Americans and Christians engage in battles of words; be they friendly or hostile,  that amount to nothing. These words become:

The reasons why are two fold:

  • A person convinced against his will… remains an unbeliever still
  • A person must be Humble

If a person wants to believe something and is not willing to look at it from another perspective, they will not change.  We can look no farther than this years presidential election.  Have you ever tried to convince a Republican to vote Democrat or a Democrat to vote Republican??  Learning, although not a political subject requires a person to become humble and willing to change their attitude or behavior.  This is something I deal with all the time in adult education: unwillingness to change. 
As adults we are skeptics.  We have life experiences that have formed us and to a degree, we have become jaded or at least set in our ways.  Learning only takes place by giving an adult small digestible chunks that they can prove for themselves and then, they may be willing to sample more of this learning as trust is built up.  In this I have also discovered that breaking down the wall of distrust and skepticism is the first part of getting to the beginnings of learning.

In most arguments, I have noticed that if the people are intellectually honest on both sides, the subject can be boiled down to one thing:  Semantics

How the dictionary defines a word, it’s origins and how a person thinks it is used can be several completely different things!  As is the nature of language, the written word changes slowly but the spoken word is prone to constant revisions . . .  If you get my drift!


  1. Awesome. I totally agree!

  2. Thank you "Bloop"
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