Thursday, September 11, 2014

Post 911

My wife made the best observation of this day in history and our reaction as a country. She put it on her facebook account and I asked if I could share it and she said yes.

I got me a good woman!

For those of you that are political correct lovers, please stop reading. Okay, you've been warned. Every event, especially tragedies, can be used to strengthen us so that we can go to greater heights, or we can allow it to defeat us and we can become weaker. There's lots of wonderful postings about how we 'remember' those that gave their lives on 9/11 and how we're 'grateful'. Are we? Have we used this attack on OUR soil to strengthen us, so that we support our military, stand up for Christian religious freedoms, fight to defend America? Or are we electing and supporting officials that are stripping our military; standing up for everyone's religions EXCEPT for Christian values; strengthening our borders; defending innocent Americans when they are captured on foreign lands? Lip service on an anniversary is like a man buying his wife a huge diamond, beautiful flowers and dinner at an expensive diner and then cheat on her, degrade her and live like a single frat boy the other 364 days of the year. SHAME on US, America. We need to find that passion of unity and demand that our leaders share our passion and love for our country. If not, OUT THEY GO!!! Let's truly honor the lives that were sacrificed on 9/11 because if we do not, the NEXT blood shed is not only on the terrorists, but OURS!

The thing about being a soldier, sailor, or any type of warrior is the willingness and ability to fight, but also to be ready.  I believe it was Thomas Jefferson that stated that the price of liberty and freedom was eternal vigilance. The late Ronald Reagan stated that we as Americans are only one generation away from tyranny!

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