Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014

Here are two thoughts to consider on labor Day

1.   Working Vs. talking (or idle talk)

2.  A Proper Balance for all things

Solomon said in proverbs that
In all labor there is profit . . .

He also goes on to say that just talking leads to penury, or extreme want.

I find it ironic and amusing that the day that we use to celebrate the American work ethic is marked as a day without "labor" goofing off or anything far from labor in and of itself . . .  unless of course we count barbecues and picnics as labor.

I have a love for old books and still own a set of encyclopedias.  Some information is pretty much static.  So is the history of Labor day.  It was initiated in 1882 by the Nights of Labor with a parade In New York City to celebrate the American worker.  The original society behind the institution of Labor day no longer exists due to several ideologies that didn't mesh with 19th century America. 

If you care to study the history of the Knights of Labor you will find they had high ideological goals but no practical strategies to get there. What ended up happening was some noble attempts but an eventual disenfranchisement of  Irish immigrants.  This led to radicals taking over.  This reminds me why a good street fighter can beat up a Black Belt in the Martial Arts.  Point fighting is great, but can you take a punch?  Ideas are great, dreams are great and working towards a goal is great.  What is always needed is a balance between ideas and labor.

Even in our society today there is still the age old struggle between labor and management.  Labor wants the most money for the least effort and Management wants the least money for the most work!

No matter if you are labor or management I must caution you that there is a proper balance for both and the argument will probably never end on who is right and who is wrong - since there are liars and noble people on both sides!

Having said this, I wish all of you a happy Labor day 2014

(Now I will go do a load of Laundry!)

Your Brother in Christ
And  Senpai in Karate 

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