Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 Reasons why Atheism is Wrong

I was reading a story recently about yet another a group that mercilessly attacked a high school because the foot ball team for prayed over an injured teammate.  I want to talk about 5 reasons no one should be an atheist. 

1.  No Paid Holidays

This is actually an old Henny Youngman joke, but it's true. Our calendar has at least 7 holidays that are Christian or reflect Christian beliefs and about 11 holidays that are Jewish and penned in some calendars as well.  There's even two that could be counted as pagan: Halloween and the Vernal Equinox; even though Halloween is the eve of all Saints Day on November 1st.

2. No Moral Compass

I once took a class in introductory business law, and one of the first things the textbook outlined was the purpose and history of law.  One of the purposes of law was to establish limits on what was acceptable in society.  With the decline of the church in recent years and the rise of crimes and moral ills; a new field has come along called ethics.  Ethics tries to incorporate a standardized belief system of rights and wrongs without a true internal belief system.  In other words a morality that is not of God.  Ethics will spend much time talking about internal and external belief systems but doesn't seem to scratch the surface.  Morality and the true underpinnings of our actions come from within.  We all contain a moral compass that will always guide us, provided we let it. The danger of atheism is that an external system with no "True North" will eventually fail because of the lack of a true landmark based in the knowledge of God.  We can argue about all the dos and don'ts but there are landmarks in morality that will never change!

3.  A Blank Check

A third problem with atheism, may sound like the debate fallacy of the "Slippery slope".  In short the slippery slope is an illegal debate tactic that suggests that one action will lead to another until we have drastic consequences from one small action.  For example: an ad on television undermines tooth brush sales.  Suddenly there is a decline in the tooth brush market, which eventually leads to bad breath, rotting teeth and a rise in denture plate sales!
OK thats a bit extreme but that is the slippery slope.  Although it is not always true, the slippery slope can hold water!  A person without a God-consciousness has written a blank check to himself or herself.  If nothing is wrong, and all things are allowable human nature suggests a downward turn towards anything. Where does this new freedom end?
In the bank of humanity, this blank check will eventually become overdrawn and all of humanity will eventually become the victim . . . all for the want of what we desire!  Just look at ancient history.

4.  Bad Manners

This one may sound odd, but what is the societal norm?  All around the globe the human race (with few exceptions) is a religious people.  Despite the fact that religions differ, two things don't seem to change:  There is a God, and he is offended by sin in  humanity.  Another point is that there is a sacrifice that is required.  The correct response to this is the Blood of Jesus!
Back to bad manners. 
If the majority believe in God, is it not bad manners that a select few want to eradicate God from our society?
If everyone is driving in one direction on the freeway, why do you want to be so different?   Do you not see the danger?  Even if you take God out of the picture, do you think you help the cause of atheism by being rude?

Honestly, consider this for a minute.

5.  Denial of Basic Humanity

Without stating what I wrote above, our human society screams from history, literature, architecture, science and even technology that we acknowledge God.  We are markedly different from the lower animals and are so much more than instinct and chemical reactions.  We are creatures of reason that understand there is something beyond our nature that makes this all possible.  How can we deny what makes us what we really are: more than an animal.  We have a body, soul and spirit! We are not just one element or nature.  To deny God is to deny our humanity and make us just animals incapable of reason and true greatness!

So,, the next time someone says that they are an atheist, remind them:  YOU ARE MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!

Oh, and there are no paid holidays either!

Your Brother in Christ
And  Senpai in Karate 

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