Friday, May 16, 2014

The Biblical Church Part 5: Order and Music


An increasing trend that I see in modern churches is a rapid shift from traditional music to more contemporary music.  Some of this can be blamed on the culture was that was fought in the 1960’s.  I really do believe that the Good guys lost.  It seems that in modern music we have went from songs with played by talented musicians who had real talent to gimmicks in the 1980’s, when the music became synthesized and electronic.  From this we went to rap, which is only rhythm and rhyme. Ii cannot see how a person is gifted or talented if they can make rhymes with vulgar words which attack society and demoralize women.  Even the Rock stars of the 60’s were considered controversial at their time, starting with Elvis Presley.  But what at first, may seem like a slow progression towards change has become a rapid down-hill slide.  Maybe I’m getting older and don’t see some of the new music properly, but any time that music takes a sudden turn and the entire culture secular and sacred sounds alike, there must be a problem.  Twenty five years ago, I really liked the band U2 and had a few of their albums.  But a funny thing happened.  I walked into a church service and couldn’t’ tell the difference! 

Compare these:

 The liberty of choruses in church music is a fine idea, but if we become too heavily weighted towards one type of music, is it really edifying to the Holy Spirit?  Most music I hear in churches today sounds too close to secular songs in rhythm and lyrics save a few mentions to Jesus and God.   Take for instance the post where I mentioned a stogy church service, is it too traditional?  Well, is a rock stage, theater seats and concert smoke and lights edifying to the Holy Spirit?

There should be a difference and there should be a balance! 

I’m asking everyone to really look and judge what’s right before your conscience and God!  This (personally) is one of my major problems with the modern church:  The worship is becoming something unrecognizable from the secular!  And I see older people leaving churches because of spiritual alienation!
But I digress
A biblical church, no matter what culture, outreach or country it is in should have that “heart” that’s felt in service.  Some would call it “soul”.  But what I really mean is that the sincerity of the people should reach God, and those in attendance, whether they be old-timers, the young, or the hypocrite can feel the very presence of God in the service and acknowledge God is there. I received a great blessing a few months back when I attended a service that was bi-lingual.  The song service was in English and Spanish, and to be honest, the choruses were a lot more moving in Spanish!
Gentle reader; please consider what I have written while attending church this Sunday.

Then compare it to this:  (Because I want to be fair)



Your Brother in Christ
And  Senpai in Karate 

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