Friday, May 30, 2014

Encouragement to Warriors

I recently heard a clip of the president's commencement speech to the graduates of Westpoint.  I must say that I was more than disappointed, but in a state of disgusted shock. 
Politics is a dirty business, and I don't like to discuss politics because no one has ever been argued into a political point of view or the Kingdom of God!  Proverbs 18:19  As I rolled the speech in my mind I thought to myself:

   If I were the commencement speaker what would I tell the West pointers?

So, this is what I would say:

ladies, Gentlemen, Graduates ....... officers
You represent the finest of the United States military.  A tradition which goes back to the sacred historical beginnings of our republic.  The finest officers that the Army has had  come from these halls.  With this commencement, you will enter active duty, and start a new phase, which is some ways is similar to where you have come from . . .at the bottom of the officers totem pole.  Some of you will serve your required time and return to civillian life, others will have a good army career and others will continue to retirement and help shift and steer where our military goes beyond our years.  

I am only here with you today (as president) and will soon be a wistful memory.  We are both servants of our beloved country and owe it a debt to serve.  But beyond that what do you really owe?  there is a debt to fulfill your Army commitment, and also a debt to the traditions which now live in you as West pointers.  You owe your Country, West Point and most importantly yourself!  You owe yourself the debt to be strong in adversity, humble in learning and proficient in leadership remembering always the humility of serving through leadership.

Remember who you owe:

Your Traditions
Your Country

Fight on Warriors!

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