Sunday, May 11, 2014

Someone that has your back

Jack Lalanne once said that life is a battle and you are the General!
he also went on to say that you need to get up every day and determine to fight and win.

I would contend that in a marriage This is also true, but you are not fighting alone

No and you are not fighting against your spouse either!!

What I mean to say is that Husband and wife are one and on the same team.  That wife is your partner that has your back.  And yes, you are still the general, but your wife is the Sergeant Major!  Those of you that were in the service realize that the Sergeant Major often runs the show!!
today is Mothers day and I want to recognize the person who has my back in the thick and thin.
My "good thing"
What does this mean?  Solomon stated in Proverbs 18:22:  "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. "

I was given a hint before Mothers day.  Well it was more like a broadcast message.  No more Mothers day cards.  Each girl made a Mothers day journal, and every year a new page will be added.  In 15 years there will be quite a perspective change!

I would like to salute my partner that has my back.  She is the Mother of my children.
When God gives you a good thing and children you must be thankful and recognize your best friend; not just on one day but every day.  This; though is a very special day!

I wondered if I could make a post that has little to do with the Martial arts (Maybe more with the Marital arts . . .   be careful where you place the I !!) and dedicate it to my wife.   Since the girls had a handmade project, then I decide to do mine!

I wish a very happy mothers day to my wife, sister, aunts, cousins and all the other mothers out there.

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