Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Battling windmills with Paper Airplanes

I consider myself to be a bit of a cynic, yet miss the mark on many occasions.  Maybe this is true wisdom. I haven't found out yet.
I noticed something recently from Bible reading and deep thought.  Proverbs says that "A brother offended is harder to be won than a walled city . . . "  and it seems in our society today that there are many arguments both political, social and religious that have de-evolved into nothing more than a shouting match of words and epithets.  Now, I don't mean that this has happened completely, because there are a lot of arguments out there that are not done with an ill spirit to hurt.  It does seem that all the ones that make it to national attention are hyper-emotional and do nothing but get people worked up and only serve to harden a persons opinion in the way it was already going.

This is really a depressing thought.

What I would like to share with you is a word warriors few thoughts of interest on battling the dragon windmill of social debate from, perhaps  an "antiquated"  world view:

  1. Love thy Enemies. . . 
  2. Be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves . . .
  3. To win without fighting is the greatest (method)

I spent quite a few years in street evangelism to realize that in speaking to random people you will get a percentage of people that just want to argue.  What causes this arguing?  A psychologist would give you many answers.  I would narrow it down to one primary reason: Pride

"Contention cometh only by pride . . ."

Pride in the opposition that they hold, or that they are offended, busy or are just plain old curmudgeons!  But even in this, do we love those people in humanity?  An important point to remember is that it is generally not the argument people hate in a debate.  It becomes the person.

it's hard to remember that we wish to win a person to our side and not vanquish that person.  I heard a preacher say (in giving some advice to a person who asked)  that "I don't argue with people, because I already know what I believe".  It's a whole new ball game when we realize, if we are sold on an idea and really know our material, loving, tolerating, forgiving that argumentative curmudgeon is really the best way to keep our cool and strive to leave an impact that doesn't come from an ax kick to the head!

Why a handshake is more than a sign of friendship: Humans use ...

I don't care about winning the Battle, I want to win the war for an eternal soul!

Your Brother in Christ
And  Senpai in Karate 

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