Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introduction Part 2

Many times, we in post-modern America we take a look at Christianity, America and Religion through our eyes and our history that starts around the year we were born (usually in the early years what we can remember and what we are later told or read about) then it goes up to present. Everything we learn is usually kept in the context of modern America.  It seems that people seldom give a thought for anything else.
Is it more likely to believe that this minister of yester year did the same thing, where as the humble natives did something out of ignorance? Were not both out of ignorance?
I will leave that for you to decide
Today we have many Christian brothers and sisters that have been taught one way, one thing, one doctrine and sometimes the teachings are bad. We are not speaking of the bedrock doctrines of Christianity, but many healthy wholesome ideas in Christianity have become nothing more than pedestrian, dull and dry! They come across quite strong, assertive and authoritative but they are no longer well thought out much beyond the lens of the Western mind. The problem with the Pacific Island converts and the colonial minister both lie in the same thing.
Only going so deep into our perceptions and never stepping outside of them. This is what you see happen so much in modern Christianity. We have turned the church into a dull, dry religion. Just like every other “world religion.” What happens when anyone fights against the status quo? They are usually crushed. Many well meaning brothers and sisters, and would be converts are crushed by the status quo. I don't know how many times I was told that karate and the martial arts were “sinful” or unprofitable without any real teaching behind it.  Someone please explain Alvin York or the countless soldiers before him that took up arms for a cause and still served Christ!
What is the way of the warrior? I believe truly that if we could take a good hard look at some of the things in Eastern culture and perhaps even in their religion (No! we don’t abandon the meaning or message of Jesus Christ) I think we would walk away much wiser and have a greater insight into the East and how it applies to the precious scriptures that my brothers and sisters have read so many times. After talking with Rev Mark Hollis, an Assembly of God missionary to Sri Lanka, it appears that the contemporary Asian people have more in common with people in Bible times than what we do!
What is the way of the warrior?
I consider myself a warrior.
Service: Eight years, One month and 26 days United States Army. Cold War times.
Education: I graduated from an extremely conservative Pentecostal Bible college
Martial Arts: second Degree Black Belt Ryu Ken Do Kenpo karate
My journey has felt long, and honestly very difficult at times. I got married, we  had two children and lost Hannah's twin sister. We left an abusive church and had some other important lessons along the way. I am not complaining. I come not to you with a sword, unless you mean the open and empty hand
 The kanji is an Ideogram which represents a hand and three fingers. It means “hand” pronounced Te
But I come to you with a pen which is much like a sword, but mightier. Just like the old English adage The Pen is mightier than the sword
I wish to address my Christian brothers and sisters with the truth that they may have forgotten, or haven’t seen lately. Also, to my friends, colleagues and adversaries, even enemies that may oppose my words: I come to show you I am armed only with truth and my insight that I ask be blessed by God. My hopes are to reconcile and win both parties.
What is the way of the warrior?


  1. Sensei,

    1. These postings are far too well done to be just sitting here. You should be the Honey Boo-Boo of blogging.
    2. I do not know what works marketing-wise. I think your topic may be alittle too narrow. When I think of the martial artists I know, there is you and ...
    3. It may be helpful to describe how an Eastern mindset helps understand portions of the Bible. Without that, one would need to research it oneself in order to comment knowledgeably.
    4. I have heard the argument the mysticism of martial arts makes practioners apostates. Personally, I reject the argument. I think human behavior is not deterministic in that sense. The point is the odds of anyone with the viewpoint you argue against reading your blog would approach 0.
    5. Overall, I suggest you take stronger positions and then ask for comment. I can find little/nothing to disagree with to date.
    6. Market more generally, let martial arts be the secondary background, not the main theme.
    7. Put some underwear on that Greek (?) warrior.

  2. Showme:

    Thanks for the comment, I was starting to get lonely in cyberspace.
    Before I started my blog I performed some research. I was looking at my blog sort of the Way that Chuck Jones the cartoonist looked at Coyote and Road Runner. I was taking a narrow field and exploring the subject in depth.
    Comment #3: I think you are right, I will elaborate more on these points as time goes on.
    Comment #4 Since my Blog is less than one month old, this is the area I want to explore the most. Unfortunately, to argue a person into the kingdom makes them unconverted still so I'm approaching arguments cautiously.
    Comment #5 Point taken. . . thanks