Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day: Keeping the world safe from “ . . .isms”

Today marks a significant event that took place 70 years ago today.  That being, the allied invasion of Europe to free it from the tyranny of Nazism.   This is the first “ism I wish to discuss.   Most of us do not realize the sacrifices that took place and the grand scare of lives lost in this war.  It was estimate that over 26 million people died in the conflict that we call World War II.  Postmodern culture looks at World War II and sees it as old movies and big band music and a faraway war with almost meaningless results.  We have the 1960’s counter culture to thank for the disrespect of our brave veterans for this!

But let us consider for a moment the significant contribution of that generation to our postmodern society.  They stopped the spread of Nazism, which should better be remembered as National Socialism!  We were in a war to stop the spread of a political ideology and philosophy which hinders the freedom of ideas, choice and religion in humanity.  God has blessed this country with the ability to live in peace and comfort because we are / were a Christian nation.  Many have made sacrifices for our present way of life.  The ones we speak of today made the supreme sacrifice of their lives and are not even buried in their native soil!
This was to stop the spread of the ideologies of the National Socialist German Party.  This philosophy believed in racial purity, occultism, and blind faith in a leader that promised them hope, change and a restoration of national pride after an embarrassing loss in World War I.  Afterwards we faced an ideological battle with Communism, which purports to do the same damage to a free people.  How many made sacrifices to insure that free nations did not fall to the enchanting serpent of communism.  This is another “ism” which promises much and gives little.
In the final result, we should remember our veterans who gave their all to keep our nation free.  We have the right to choose our course of actions in life, and we also have the ability to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience.  This is all because of Divine providence and those willing to keep our nation free.  “Isms” will come and go, but God is our constant.

Let us remember this hallowed day with thankfulness and never forget those who gave their all!
I salute the World War II warriors.  God bless them all!
Your Brother in Christ
And  Senpai in Karate 

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