Monday, April 28, 2014

Uniqueness and gifts

Shakespeare said it best when he stated "All the world is a stage and everyone has his part to play.."
But when we think about it, do we not all have a post or a part to play in lifes grand scheme?  Having stated this, does it not reason to also state that we all are endowed with unique talents for the betterment of ourselves and those around us?

Simply put, without overstating what others have said: you are special and unique. We are all created equal, but not all are equal in all things.  For instance, a person may be gifted in athletics but not academics.  Another person may be gifted in science but have no social skills whatsoever.

It has been my observation that many people in society follow the group and not always for the best. And in so doing, they deny the person who they really are.  Ultimately, you cannot hide the real "You"
I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many people in my short life time and I notice that even when a person is successful and well off the real person still comes out.

I worked as a plumbing installer for a few years and had to go to a lawyers office to drop off a permit.  The Lawyer I talked to was one of the most churlish people I have ever met... Meanwhile, at the same store I worked with a salesman named John who would politely, but harshly criticize this company- yet he seemed out of place for his demeanor.  He carried himself like a man who was something more than he appeared, or may have been.  It was a puzzle I never had much time to solve, until the day he need some plumbing work at his house.  it was then that I discovered elderly but polite old "John" was a retired Navy Pilot who taught the Saudi Air Force how to fly fighter jets!

A persons true self and character will always come out in the end.
How do I prove this?

If you will indulge me, gentle reader, I submit Matthew 26:73  (Specifically 26:69-75)

For Peter it was his accent and mode of speech.  He could not deny who he was!  Look later at Acts 4:13
Both John and Peter spoke in such a tone and with authority that men knew that ". . . they had been with Jesus".

It is my observation that people can tell where we have been and what we do by our actions.  Shouldn't they be good actions that inspire others to greater heights?  It's all too often in my job that I run into people with bad attitudes about everything.  Life is too short to not grow daily into something better than what we previously were.

We are unique and different, like the colors of the rainbow.  Lets show others something good, pleasant and inspiring daily.

We all have gifts and we all have callings in life!

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