Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have had a faulty  absence from my blog.  Due to school and teaching I have gotten lazy.  Funny thing about laziness, We tend to be our own worst critics!  Now the conscience is an odd thing.  St Paul said that it either excuses us or accuses ourselves… at least until the point where we sear it with a hot iron, and it is therefore desensitized from feeling.
Anyway, my main points today are:  

  • conscience

  • inspiration 

  • spare moments


We are entering into the holiday season, and I have a passion to avoid shopping!  Although I may be a black Belt in Kenpo, my wife has a black belt in shopping!  I can remember 2004 when I went shopping at the Independence Wal-Mart with her.  I will never do it again!  I could feel a prick in my conscience and spirit that there was a presence of greed there!  We may call it conscience, but I could also feel covetousness as well.  I hate that feeling. The conscience is an odd thing, because with our holidays upon us, people are given to over indulgence of every kind!  I realize the next thing that comes after the new year.  That is the post holiday crowd going to the gym! In a way I admire that, but in another way I realize they will all be gone by March! I try to use areas of the house to keep my training up when I'm not in the Dojo.  Our hall way is perfect for all the Naihanchi forms, and I can do the Bo forms in our garage.  The living room is semi suitable for all the Pinans, Ananku, Pasai,  Kusan ku and Seisan.  I cannot see the point in making new years resolutions just to feel bad about the holidays in retrospect.  I guess that’s conscience for us!


How does inspiration fit into this?  I love those quiet moments when fits of intuition, serendipity or shall we call it epiphany come into focus.  We may call it a mental focal point, a process of the mind when our creative side merges through the subconscious to permit the conscious to grasp, or perhaps to quote Shakespeare “…man… how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties.  In movement how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god!..”    Inspiration is one of these faculties that tie us to the point that we are eternal beings, or shall I say we have mortal bodies with a soul that shall live forever.  We are created in the image and likeness of God, although now we are far from our ideal state; being, as the Bible would say just earthen vessels (bodies made from the dust of the earth).  We are all capable of creativity and inspiration, the secret is letting it out!  I once read that Walt Disney was fired from a writing job because his boss stated he had no creativity! 

Spare moments

Sometimes the quiet moments of repose do more for our mind set than all the clamor and noise and activity of any other place we may be!  My conscience gets on me sometimes because of my weird work schedule! 

Now you know why the Saturday post after Thanksgiving!!
  I work a four day a week split shift, and find that by Wednesday I’m quite tired.  My Fridays are my decompression chamber day.  The reason I say this is because I feel like a deep sea diver that went under the ocean really deep, so Friday is my day to recuperate!  But it also seems to me that the time of repose is both good for the mind and the spirit.  These times of repose are a time to let our thoughts flow, our conscience roll out from the times of great activity and inspiration to flow.  Did I also mention that Fridays are a great time to do laundry as well??

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  1. Greed is very sneaky. When I go shopping that weird feeling of wanting to need everything I see pops up. It's happily absent when I don't go to stores very often